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Link Zone

Nedenstående links er samlet fra forskellige newsgroups og mailingslists. Du må gerne maile nye links ind, ligesom meldinger om døde links er meget velkomne.

Cool corporate sites:

Web Promotion tips

HTML, Mouse effects, Dynamic menus and more all mouse over effects. This works in both the browsers.

Submission software and more

HTML Tutorials and more og /workshops 

Script examples and more has a library of over 6000 scripts and an extensive library has a large library of dhtml scripts has a number of scripts with tutorials has a library of dhtml scripts

Flash and Fireworks tutorials

Mailinglist Software

Web email hosting  package

Web Chat forums

Allaire’s Forums 3.0. Download source code at and it comes with full documentation and custom tags that get installed on the ColdFusion Server. For the ColdFusion app server download Coldfusion express for free at or you can get a FREE hosting account at and host the forums there.

Survey Solutions
. (Snap)

3rd Party Payment Services

Logo designe

Online photogalleries

dreamweaver templates


Here’s another ongoing list of ”goodstuffs” from WDJ mailinglist.
Covers intranet strategy, database and software tools, management and security

Did you know...

That Microsoft’s Ad Rotator can do more than rotate your ads?
Gobeyond simple ad rotation. Get useful statistics and data you can use in a real-world, ad-oriented site. There are three parts to this article, but it’s worth your time!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Search Engine Guide

Directory Guide

XML Tooles and more
Robert Bourret has a great summary of dozens of XML products (updated Nov 2000):

As far as the best XML editing tool, if you do XML coding yourself, you will love:

Kik på produkter som BladeRunner, Interleaf og FrameMaker.  

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